An RV Inspection is Important

Finally – some standards and support for RV Inspection. 

Years ago when I first looked at buying an RV, I wondered if the experience would be like buying a house – with all the inspections and paperwork associated with having someone lend you a sizable amount of money.  To my surprise, none of the inspections typically associated with the purchase of a home were required.  I still had a lot of paperwork but no required inspection and all I had to prove was that I was a good credit risk.  Many new and even used RV’s can cost as much as a house – so why wasn’t there a requirement for an inspection?   No one asked if the RV was worth the money I would be spending for it and I thought how strange…but okay, I’ll go along with the program.  

Fast forward to today and there is finally a nationally recognized organization called National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association (NRVIA) that sets standards for inspections and inspectors,  as well as an inspection company called RV Inspection Connection that hires certified RV inspectors.  I believe that the RV industry is right on the cusp for lenders and insurance companies to require inspections of new and used RV’s before they will lend or insure an RV.   Why not ride the wave to success by becoming an RV inspector and be ready when that moment comes?    NRVIA islooking for inspectors and this would be great time to get into this startup business.

If you are looking for a part time or full time business to get into, like I was, RV inspections could become a great money maker for you.  I highly recommend attending the hands on training. The information and hands on experience give you everything you need to become a successful inspector.   This alone can save you a lot of money.  If you have any questions about this article please feel free to send your questions to me at

Want to know more?  Here are some excerpts from the and RV Inspection Connection  websites:

“The National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association (NRVIA) is a membership organization providing certification and credentials for professional recreational vehicle inspectors across North America.

NRVIA’s mission is to provide credibility through the testing and awarding of credentials to qualified inspectors. NRVIA Inspector members are required to follow specific Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics that will ensure the consumer will receive an inspection of the highest quality and caliber.

When the consumer hires an NRVIA Certified Inspector they can be assured they will be receiving a professional, standardized, and thorough inspection of their RV equipment.”

“RV Inspection Connection is building and will continue to build a nationwide team of RV Inspectors across the United States. The key for RV Inspection Connection is finding qualified NRVIA Certified candidates who desire to be part of an organization that provides their contracting inspectors with RV Inspection business along with state of the art business tools and software.

The need for RV Inspectors across the United States will grow along the ever expanding RV Industry. There are more RVs being sold privately today than ever before without RV Dealership involvement providing even more of a need for qualified inspectors to assist the unknowing public to make good buying decisions.

If you have interest in the possibilities of becoming an inspector we encourage you to visit to learn more about how you too can become a Certified RV Inspector.