Storing Dishes in an RV

RV Storing Dishes

Do I need to remove dishes from cabinets before traveling in an RV?

RV Dishes

You will probably have to decide that for yourself, depending on your specific type of dinnerware, how it is arranged in the cabinet and how secure your cabinet doors close and stay closed.

In our motorhome, we do not have any problems with cabinet doors opening. They stay closed and secure while we are going down the road. We always check that they are completely closed before we travel. In our above-counter kitchen cabinets, the floor of the cabinet sets a little bit lower than the cabinet door opening, so that helps too.

We use Corelle dishes, so they stack neatly and take up minimal space. We use some of that non-adhesive shelf liner which is non-slip, and grips to surfaces to holds things in place. We also cut a small square of the liner to use between different-sized bowls that are stacked together – mostly just to eliminate any rattling noise while we are driving. We haven’t found a need to do that with the plates.

If you have breakable dinnerware, or something that stacks less compactly, you may want to use something similar between the dishes that will keep them in place and minimize the risk of chipping.

We have stackable plastic drinking glasses and our coffee mugs are turned upside down on the gripping shelf liner.

We also have arranged other things – like pots, pans, Pyrex and Corning Ware dishes – in stacks that make the most efficient use of the space and keep things snug. This is mostly a matter of stacking things logically – same basic shape, what fits inside something else and so on. If needed, we use a square of non-slip shelf liner between cookware.

We do notice that sometimes things will shift in the cabinet, but since there is very little empty space, nothing can shift very far. So that’s a good rule of thumb: Use up the available space so there is nowhere for things to move to.

When we have had a day of travel, we are a bit more careful in opening cabinets the first time after parking, just in case something has shifted and is ready to tumble out.

Since we live in our motorhome fulltime, we need to keep our dishes and cookware ready and available. It is in use everyday.

Comments and tips from others welcome.