Towing a Rockwood Trailer with Ford Half Ton

Towing a Rockwood Trailer with Ford Half Ton

by Steve


Question: We are looking at either a Rockwood 8319SS (dry weight 6831) or a Windjammer 3002W (dry weight 6975). I have a 2010 Ford F150 Lariat with the 5.4 liter engine. The dealers say the truck will tow the trailer, but my question is will I have to stop at every gas station?

Answer: First and foremost, do not base your buying decisions based on someone else’s information. You need to go to the owners manual and check it for yourself. You can also go to the Ford F150 forum and website ( and look up the specific towing capacities of your vehicle.

We have additional resources on RV weights and towing on our pages at:

Once you have assured yourself that your truck can safely tow the trailer then you can go out and buy it.

As for your fuel concerns, you can expect to get far less mileage per gallon while towing. How much less is impossible to tell. A lot will depend on how conservatively you drive, the state of the engine and transmission, and how you maintain the air pressure of your truck and camper tires. A quick search online indicates that mileage while towing with an F150 might be 11 – 13 MPG. It might be more realistic to expect less, maybe 9 to 10 MPG. But it will in large part depend on you, your driving, your particular setup and state of maintenance of your rig.

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Nov 12, 2012

F150 pulling weight

by: Anonymous

Make sure your truck has a transmission cooling fan. This was an option on our F150. We have pulled our camper with the F150 and its about the size of the one you mentioned. Can tell you that it really puts a strain on the F150.

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