Dangerous Roads

Dangerous Roads

by Glenn (Baton Rouge, LA_

Question: For the western US states, does anyone have free internet maps showing pickup truck drivers towing travel trailers unsafe roads to avoid because of steep inclines/declines and sharp curves? Also roads that are not wide enough or with tree branches hanging over highways. Or any other road I should avoid for safety reasons?

Answer: Most of the interstate and major highways out west are able to be traveled by trucks and RVers. Anytime you are crossing mountain ranges, you can expect steep grades and curves, but many RVs and trucks use these roads. You do need to be careful and keep your speed in check.

You can plan trip routes via Good Sam’s website if you are a member, and can specify that you want to know about steep grades and low clearance.

Many states’ Dept. of Transportation websites also provide information on steep grades, etc.

We do not know of any place that advises about low hanging tree branches, although we have found this to be more of an issue in the green states in the northeast than we have out west.

You might want to check out the Mountain Directory e-books as a resource for mountain routes and driving. You can also look for road atlases and forums designed for truckers.

We have a heavy motorhome. When we travel in an area for the first time and suspect there might be possible concerns, we plan ahead. We get a Good Sam trip route, look at the topography on Google maps, check DOT websites and search online for any issues about specific roads.

Other input welcome.

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