Summer Florida motor home storage

Summer Florida motor home storage

Question: I will be storing an RV in summer in Florida. What do I need to do in the interior of a class A coach to protect it from mold and or bugs? Kitty litter and charcoal have been mentioned and some consumable cans that deter bugs or…..any other thoughts?? The RV will be in Florida for the summer and re-entered in November.

I will tell you what we did last year when we stored our RV in Florida from mid-April to the end of August.

Like you, we were also concerned about mold and bugs. For bugs, since we were mostly concerned with ants, we used a good quality ant killer (in powder form) placed around the periphery of our coach. Inside we placed multiple ant traps in all the sections especially around counter tops, corners and anywhere we had ever seen ants.

As part of the bug initiative, we left no food in the RV that might attract bugs. We started food diminishment weeks and maybe months in advance by using up our food supplies and getting rid of everything else. We might have kept a few cans of food that we felt would be okay.

As for mold we were concerned about condensation, which leads to mold and mildew. To that end bought several disposable containers of DampRid and placed them in a few of our cupboards that had clothing in them, and left the cupboard doors open. We also placed two hang-up DampRid pouches in our hanging clothes closet.

We covered all our furniture and counter/table surfaces with old sheets just in case dust got in. We closed all of our vents and windows and shades and hoped for the best. We were pleasantly surprised that when we got back to our coach and found no evidence of bugs or mold or mildew.

By the way, we made a conscience decision to store our rig in a place where we would not be parked on sand or grass. We found a secure storage facility where we were parked on gravel surrounded by concrete, which proved to be a good choice.

Hope your experience is as good as mine.
If anyone has other suggestions, please share your comments.

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