Comments for Towing Smart Car

Comments for Towing Smart Car

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Oct 26, 2012

Locking your SmartCar under Tow

by: Rob V.

I was always concerned about parking my RV with the car behind and not being able to lock it and it’s contents, but follow this procedure and your car and contents will remain safe and locked.

If you were told you cannot lock your SmartCar while towing, this is incorrect.

Although the manual says you cannot do so, YOU CAN, here’s how and it doesn’t affect the towability of the car..!

  1. Enter car on driver side.
  2. Put gear shifter into neutral (Ignition key has to be in the ‘on’ position in order to do so)
  3. Push LOCK BUTTON ON DASH (lock light will blink rapidly) AND WHILE IT IS BLINKING TURN KEY COUNTER CLOCKWISE until it won’t go further. You should hear an audible click indicating that the door locks are in the lock position.
  4. Confirm that gear shifter is in ‘neutral’ and turn power shut-off switch under dash to ‘off’.
  5. Exit car and close driver door – ALL DOORS SHOULD NOW BE LOCKED with key in ignition and power shut-off turned off.
  6. To re-enter car YOU MUST HAVE A spare key to manually unlock the driver side door…DONE!

PS: Obviously you will need to install the separate power disconnect switch referred to as it does not come with the vehicle (I installed mine under the passenger dash).

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