TV Only in Black and White

TV Only in Black and White

by Jason (Florida)

Question: Why do the rear and outdoor TVs come in only in black and white when using satellite and DVD?

Answer: We suggest you check the video connections for those two TVs – it sounds like something is not wired correctly. Check the connections between the satellite receiver and TV itself. Do the same for the connections between the DVD player and TV. Also, be careful not to confuse the audio and video connections.

Generally the colors of the cables should match up with the input receptacles. However the colors vary depending on the type of cable/wiring being used.

RCA AVI cables use yellow for video; red and white for audio. These are the lowest grade connectors.

Component video is a high-grade video signal that searates the 3 basic components of a video signal (luminance, hue, saturation). The typical connectors are three jacks with green, blue and red markings. All three must be connected properly for a correct video display.

It would be unusual to have a problem with color display on your TV if you are using coax or HDMI cable connections. If you are using coax to connect your TV to the satellite receiver, make sure that you are using RG6 cable (not RG59).

Hope this helps.

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