Can MINICooper Be Towerd

Question: Can a MINIcooper manual transmission be towed by a 2013 Sunseeker 3010 DS?

Answer: We don’t see it listed as a flat towable vehicle in the past few years’ Towing Guides put out by FMCA. We have read posts that say the manufacturer does not officially support flat towing, and that to do so would void the warranty.

We have also read posts indicating that RVers have made modifications in order to flat tow a MINIcooper. The popular belief is that most manual transmission vehicles can be towed – but why take a chance if you can find an officially sanctioned tow vehicle or towing method? You can research the needed modifications if you are willing to assume the risk of something going wrong.

We suggest you check with MINIcooper directly and be specific about whether you plan to flat tow it or tow it on a dolly. Also be specific about the model and year of the MINIcooper you plan to tow in your inquiry.

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Jun 19, 2013 Towing Mini Cooper
by: Anonymous

We have a 2007 Cooper and use a tow dolly whenever we take it with us. It has a manual transmission. Have never towed it flat because I do not own a tow bar for it. Personally I don’t know why it couldn’t be towed flat but if I were to do so I would contact the Mini dealer to find out for sure. Hope this helps some. If you do decide to buy a tow dolly make sure you buy one with brakes – no matter what size the towed car is. I have a Master Tow and love it.

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