Is Buying an RV a Good Investment?

Is buying an RV a good investment?

Question: Is buying an RV a good investment? We are wondering if it would be a good idea.

Answer: An RV is a depreciating asset, so it is not something most people would consider an investment. However, individuals need to think about this in the context of why they purchase an RV.

If it is for a fulltime RV lifestyle, it may be a good investment in a way of life, even though the physical RV is never going to appreciate or make money for the purchaser. As fulltimers ourselves, we think that it is a great lifestyle. WE have been in our motorhome as fulltimers for over 10 years now. This is a decision that requires research and serious thinking about all the factors involved and your own personal perspectives. For more info and things to consider, see our fulltiming pages.

If the RV is for use for vacations, it may be a more convenient, flexible and affordable way to get away on vacations or short breaks. There are many benefits to RV vacations.

So we think the question needs to be considered in context of the intended use, and not as a purely financial matter.

For more to ponder on the subject, see our pages on New vs. Used, RV buying and RV costs.

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