Land A Plane On Your RV?

by Judy and Mark


Yes, he really landed it there. Don't try this with YOUR RV!!

Yes, he really landed it there. Don’t try this with YOUR RV!!

Here’s a use for an RV you probably never thought of…. landing a plane on top of your RV!

Yes, you’re seeing that picture right…. in this air show display, a very accomplished pilot lands his Interstate Cadet on top of a moving RV. As you can imagine, this is a tricky maneuver.

The RV has a specially designed platform on the roof. It takes a slow, old airplane like that Interstate Cadet so they can match speeds. With the driver and the aircraft traveling at exactly the same speed (about 60-65 miles per hour), the plane touches down on the roof. The “landing” is only considered successful if the wheels roll into the grooves on the platform, and they come to a full stop together.

If the landing is not perfect… the pilot still has speed enough to lift off and try again. We watched them successfully complete this landing at the Reno Air Races in 2010.

You don’t want to try this with your RV, but there is plenty of parking for your RV at the Reno Air Races. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy the event because the nearest hotels are all a few miles back at Reno, not at Stead Airport where the event is held.

Oh yea… are you wondering how you get that plane off the top of the RV?

Start driving…. when the RV and the plane reach take-off speed… off goes the plane. Quite a sight!

There are lots of RVers who are airplane fans. We see them at air show and competitions all over the country. Please join us at to find air shows and museums around the country that you might want to visit.

Happy flying… and Happy RVing!

Judy and Mark

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