Musty Smell Outside Under RV

by Lorri (Prescott, Ontario)

Question: We are fulltimers and have been in the same spot since May (4 months). In the last couple of weeks, we have noticed a musty smell that I have now established is emanating from the ground under the RV.

As this area never gets exposed to sunlight, I guess the ground is starting to grow mold or mildew of some kind. What might I apply to the ground surface under my RV to prevent such mold?

Answer: We have never encountered this sort of problem, even though in the past we have remained stationary for extended periods of time. Things like bleach and lime come to mind, but we don’t have the expertise to recommend these as a viable solutions. So we are posting your question in the hope that others may have suggestions.

Comments for Musty smell outside under RV

Sep 12, 2012 Musty smell outside under RV
by: Anonymous

I checked with other campers near our lot and they too have smelled this “dirty dish rag” smell … seems to come and go … still a mystery!

Sep 10, 2012 Musty Odor
by: Anonymous

Moth balls????

We experienced this issue recently while staying at a park for just the weekend. We felt sure that the odor was coming from the park’s sewer. Scent is gone now that we’re home.