by Robin (Phoenix, AZ)

Question: If we purchase an RV with a Splendide combo unit, do we have to be hooked up to water in order to use it or can we dry camp and use our fresh water supply?

Answer: It is possible. You will have to run your generator to provide electricity for the washer/dryer. You can use your fresh water supply – your water pump will get the water to the machine.

However, bear in mind that while dry camping, water conservation is usually important. If you run the machine, you will end up using a fair amount of fresh water to run the wash and rinse cycles, and will fill up your gray water tank quicker as well. The water pump will operate on your battery, although the generator will recharge your battery simultaneously.

Check the specifications for the particular Splendide model you are considering. The Splendide website indicates that their machines use 9-16* gallons of water. (* Average. Your Splendide may use as little as 5 gal. per wash load.)

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