by Brenda (Florida)

Question: After the stairs go down, the stair motor will not stop running
and I have to disconnect the 12 volt to make it stop. And then it runs as soon as I reconnect the 12 volt (vehicle battery). What could be the problem?

Answer: Without knowing the make or model of electric steps in your RV, we can only offer some general suggestions. One guess is
that perhaps the steps have a faulty limit switch. This is a switch that senses when the steps are fully extended and stops the motor. So if the limit switch is bad, the motor doesn’t know that its job is done, doesn’t know that the steps are extended and so it keeps running.

In some steps, such as the popular Kwikee brand electric stairs, the circuit board controls when the motor runs and stops. There could be a failure in the circuit board causing the motor to run continuously.

Another source of the problem might be stripped gears in the motor.

You might want to contact the manufacturer of your steps to see if they can help troubleshoot the problem and tell you how to fix it.

Other input welcome.

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