Starter Won’t Stop Running

Starter Won’t Stop Running

by Cassidy (Patterson, CA)

Question: On my 1991 Rockwood Driftwood Series 7.5L, it will start but the starter wont stop even when we turn the motorhome off. We have to take the battery cable off to stop it. How do we fix this? We just replaced the starter and solenoid.

Answer: Unfortunately, it seems you may have fixed the wrong problem. Since you have already replaced the starter and solenoid then our best guess that the pinion gear in the starter is not retracting sufficiently to turn power off to the starter and it continues to run.

It could also be that the starter is not properly aligned or needs a shim or two to get to its correct alignment. Another thought is that your problem could be in your ignition switch or you have a wiring problem. You will need to trace the wiring from the starter back to determine where the problem resides. This may or may not be an easy thing to do, so our best advice is that you seek professional help to fix your starter problem.

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Jul 28, 2015

Us Too

by: Anonymous

Us Too,
My suggestion is that you have a qualified RV technician take a look at your problem. There are too many possible causes to effectively diagnose your specific situation online.

Jul 27, 2015


by: Us too!

1993 cummins diesel of RV. Did I cease the engine if we accidently left it in starting position for 20 minutes. Thought fan sound was waiting to cool off but realized when we went to shut it that the ignition was not released to running position. Now it won’t start.

Jan 03, 2015

possible sticking relay

by: Anonymous

Some ignition/starter circuits have a relay and it could be sticking or be the wrong type

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