Question: Can a RV be wired so that all TV’s can be operated independent of each other?
Answer: You have many options where this is concerned. All of them are dependent on your TV Signal and where it comes from.

We don’t pretend to be experts in this area, but here’s a brief summary based on what we know:

  • If your TV signal is coming over the air from broadcast TV then all you need to do is tune the TV’s to different channels. You will of course require converter boxes if you have old TV’s or if new then they should already be High Definition compatible.
  • If your signal comes from a cable company, and you have cable ready TV’s then you just need to get a cable splitter and add a cable to the other TV. However, if you also have premium channels then you will need an additional cable box to get the premium channels.
  • If you are getting your signal from a satellite then you need at a minimum two separate satellite receivers from your satellite company, two separate LNBs and pay the satellite the additional fees. You will also need to add additional cabling from the satellite dish to the other satellite receiver. Check the latest capabilities with DIRECTV and DISH Network.

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