The proverbial Winegard TV antenna destruction

by Jamie


Well, I literally JUST bought and brought home this past saturday, a 1988 Winnebago Elandan. Got it home and proceeded to set it up and assess everything.

I fired up the TV and turned on the digital converter box. Wasn’t getting much of a signal, so I cranked that baby up. While the wife and I sat in our driveway watching the Nextel Cup NASCAR race, I showed her the TV antenna controls and told her about how I’ve read how so many people forget to crank it down before moving their rig. I explained how neat it would be to have some sort of button on the roof that the antenna frame presses once it’s fully retracted, etc etc.

Not a half hour later, don’t we decide to move the RV to the other side of the driveway? After backing up 10 ft, I hear banging and popping and as I try to figure out what that noise was, I see the cable, phone lines and the Winegard antenna all come crashing down over the windshield and to the ground. Not to mention the fact that I had a brilliant orange extension cord run from the now shattered basement window to the other side of the RV which I also forgot to unplug.

Goes to show you. You can read all the tips and tricks and helpful hints, but… when you’ve never had to worry about these things before, it’s easy as pie to miss things. haha.. Enjoy.

Comments for The proverbial Winegard TV antenna destruction

Jun 13, 2012 I like how Winegard starts with Wine

We hang our keys to the coach on the crank. That way, we can’t start the coach unless we put the antenna down.. or at least we shouldn’t forget


Aug 11, 2011 Antenna up?


by: charles

I have a fear of leaving the antenna up. I suggest a checklist and use it, checking off one by one the items that need to be remembered. Things like water line, cable, power cord, antenna down etc.

In my case my antenna is in front of my door, I hang an orange tag low enough that I have to notice it, reminding me my antenna is up.



Mar 15, 2010 friends


by: joe

Several years ago we had friends stay with us for several days. The kids stayed in our spare bed room and the adults in our motorhome in the barn. It was all hooked up and made a good spare room. About 2 or 3 weeks later we pulled the camper out to go on a trip. Same problem you had snap bang crash. The antenna hit the rafter and parts all over.

As a result the motorhome is no longer considered a spare room.


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