Trailer or RV? For road trip in US & Canada

Trailer or RV?
For road trip in US & Canada

Question: We are planning on an extensive road trip throughout the USA and Canada and are having a hard time between deciding whether to purchasing an Rv 21′-25′ or a trailer. There seem to be pros and cons for each. Our main concern is when visiting larger cities of trying to find parking and negotiating the street, as I would assume that most camp sites a little out of town, whereas if we had a trailer we could park and drive into the cities.

We are green horns at this so would REALLY appreciate any input from any seasoned travellers. Any other hints or advise would be most appreciated. Many thanks!

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For road trip in US & Canada

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Aug 10, 2011

Travel Trailer

by: Warren

Only you can answer that question. Most Motor Home Rv people I have seen usually pull a car with them. If you already have a small car that can be put on a dolly for towing all you need is the coach and a dolly. We have just downgraded our camper from a 5th wheel to a travel trailer because our truck is becoming unreliable and the cost to purchase a good truck to pull a 5th wheel is outrageous. The next truck will be a 1/2 ton version. There are lots of them around at a reasonable price. A smaller truck is easier to handle in tight city parking also. If you already own a tow vehicle and can pull a travel trailer that is the route I would suggest. We just bought a 22′ Viewfinder. It’s great for the two of us. Maybe an occasional grandchild or two.

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