Unwieldy Mattress

Unwieldy Mattress

Question: We just bought a small Jayco with a queen mattress in the rear corner with storage underneath. I’m finding it very hard to lift the mattress up for storage access as it is heavy, floppy, bends … and snags on the window hardware to boot. The back half of the plywood support underneath is nailed in place and the other half lifts from the piano hinge running down the middle.

Once I manage to get the mattress high enough, the raised half-lid will support it up out of my way. Any practical, lightweight suggestions to getting at the storage without wrecking my aging back?

Answer: Any suggestions are welcome! Sounds like your mattress lifting arrangement is a bit more difficult than ours. Not having a real appreciation for your configuration, you might want to look into gas struts to help lift the hinged panel. A lighter mattress also comes to mind. Other ideas? Please comment.

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