Who gets locked INSIDE an RV???

by Amber Hope

(Stephenville, Texas US)

My Husband and I had just started living in our RV fulltime. We were traveling from Montana to Idaho in early October so it was turning cool. When we arrived at our campsite, it was very late and we were both exhausted, so my husband set the RV up quickly and we went to bed.

When he got ready to leave for work the next morning, it was still dark outside and for some reason I decided to open the door to see how cold it was outside. I pulled and pushed on the RV door but it wouldn’t budge! I look over at my husband and said, UMMM… the door wont open.”

I’m about 120 lbs soaking wet, so my husband thought I was just being a weakling. When he tried to open the door, it STILL wouldn’t budge. It’s amazing how closed in you suddenly feel when you find out your stuck in such a small space!

My husband finally came up with the brillant plan of using the emergency exit, which is in the bedroom, to see if the door would open from the outside.

What everyone needs to understand is that my husband is not a small man and the emergency exit on the other hand is a very small space! I offered to go through the window since I’m smaller but he kinda looked at me like, “What are you gonna do when you get out there!”

He put his feet out of the window first. We don’t have a slide in our bedroom so the bed is close to the window, so he had his hands on the bed supporting most of his weight. He counted down from three and pushed off of the bed balancing off the edge of the window. The edge of the window is only about an inch thick so he couldn’t balance for long.

His eyes got about as big around as saucers and all of a sudden, he was just gone in the darkenss! Our RV is pretty tall so the window is about 9 feet off of the ground.

I rushed over to the window to see if he was okay and he yelled, “That’s a LONG way down” At that point I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t move. He did finally get the door unstuck, but it took a while!

Who would have thought you could get locked INSIDE an RV?

Comments for Who gets locked INSIDE an RV???

Dec 01, 2009

We are locked in as we speak!

by: Kalee Allen

I just broke the handle off the door last night and have yet to get the door open! The lock has been giving us trouble and it was only a matter of time before this happened!

We have 2 old labs and they need to go potty!!! I have already called the rv repairs in our area and no one is open yet!! I was the one to crawl out the window last night to try to break in, but no luck!

Not sure what we are going to do next!

Sure wish the repair places were open!

Dec 06, 2008

You too???

by: Merryann

We didn’t exactly get locked IN the RV, but very easily could have! My DH was outside and tried to get back in, but the door wouldn’t budge. He got the spare key and tried to unlock it (just in case he had accidentally locked it. No dice. Then he remembered the window over the co-pilot seat was unlocked and got the ladder and crawled in through the window. He couldn’t get it open from the inside either!

He called Good Sam’s and had them send a locksmith out (we were in Ft. Wayne, IN). It took the poor guy over 2 hours to dismantle the lock and get the door open! Turns out the bolt that locks the door broke and kind of stuck part way in the door, where it couldn’t go far enough in to fall down into the coach body and, because it was broken, couldn’t be brought back into the door.

Fortunately we could still use the deadbolt to lock it while we were there and got ourselves to someplace to buy another lock assembly.

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