Running 110 Amp System on Solar

Question: We have just purchased a Destination Trailer that runs on a 110 amp system. We do not have power where we camp. Can we run a 110 amp system

RV Brake Controllers

Question: I have a Reese Brakeman Digital Controller, which I used for 8 years. It usually needs a setting of 3 or 4 to stop well. Now I need about

RV Covers for Winter Storage

Question: Are covers for winter storage a good option or do they damage the exterior finish ? Tyvek storage covers or indoor storage – that is the

RV Electric Jack Not Working

Question: What would cause our electric jack to quit working? We have it plugged in, but it will not go up or down – any ideas? Answer: Many things

RV Furnace – Needs Priming Everyday?

Question: My furnace works great throughout the night, but I shut it off to go to work. When I restart it the next evening, I have to prime by lighting

RV Satellite TV

Question: I am looking for information on RV Satellite TV. I am interested to know where to find the best price and what brand to buy. Answer: This

RV Television Antennas

Question: We’re planning a trip in our 5th wheel for 6 – 7 months next year and will be buying a satellite antenna. Our questions before we do this,

The Best RV Vacuum

Question: I am looking for a good, but small vacuum for our new RV. Those I have looked at seem to have insufficient power suction. I would like

RV Water System Explained

Caring for the RV Water System. About the city water fill, overfilling and sanitizing your fresh water.

The Best RV Black Water Tank

Question: Should I put plumbing antifreeze in the septic tank (black water/toilet) along with the septic treatment? I’m going snow skiing for 3 days.

RV Snow Chains

Question: I have a Class C motorhome and I am going from LA to Colorado. Do I need snow chains and where can I buy them? Answer: Local regulations

Toy Hauler Floor

Question: I just bought a 2001 Sandpiper 33 ft. toy hauler fifth wheel. It is going to stay at a campground indefinitely. I need to know an idea for

Unique US Map for your RV?

OK, this might be hard to explain, but here goes…Many years ago I saw a small brass (?) plaque of the United States that you could attach somewhere on

Washer Dryer combos vented

Question: Have you any recommendations for vented washer/dryer combos? Are any considered better than others etc? I need to get something soon but

RV Manuals

Question: Where do I light the furnace for a 1996 23lv series Prowler travel trailer? Also, where is the electrical power distribution center located?

Best RV Mat

Question: Any suggestions on a good outdoor carpet for our RV? Answer: Do an internet search for outdoor RV mats and you will get many results.

Water Pump Questions

The water pump is used to pump water throughout the RV when not hooked up to city water.

Best Tote Tank

The Barker (11104) Tote Tank 22 Gallon is our best tote tank or portable waste transport in which when this tote tank is empty, it weighs only 16 lbs. Do know that this is a portable waste transport that has a tow bracket and also includes a 5 ft sewer hose. It also comes with