How to Choose the Best Luggage, According to Science

Luggage can make a big difference in your travels. The space in your luggage dictates what clothes and items you will have available during your trip. A broken handle or a bag that is too big to be a carry-on can cause inconveniences every time you have to take a flight. Before you take your

Best Toaster Oven

The Breville BOV650XL is our pick for the best toaster oven, which has a quality stainless steel construction and uses 8 settings that can heat up your food depending on the item you place there. It has a broiling option and has a nonstick coating for ease of cleanup. Our step-up pick is the Cuisinart

Best Tea Kettle

The Brentwood KT-1780 Electric Cordless Tea Kettle is our best tea kettle and it has a total capacity of 1.5 liters in its tea kettle build. The cordless electric tea consumes 1,000 watts of power but only for a short brief period of time so it can save you more time for boiling in the

Best RV Tow Bars

After investing a considerable amount of time in research and comparison, we took a stand on our best tow bar pick on the list, which is the Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6 Tow Bar. It is an easy, durable, and accessible tow bar that can be put to use for vehicles up to 6,500 lbs.

Best RV Heater

Receive conventional heating without exhausting too much energy with the Mr. Heater MH18B Portable Big Buddy Propane Heater. It keeps your RV warm enough and performs in a 100% safe and efficient demeanor. This best RV heater is the most popular portable propane heater in America, used because of its tough and patented radiant 4,000

Best RV Gas Grill

The Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill is our best RV gas grill and with this, you can convert and interchange the cooktops so you can serve more types of meals. You can easily fold and transport due to its economical design and it can be easily pulled with its large handle and wheels for

Best RV Water Softener

The water sometimes can contain elevated levels of mineral ions, mostly calcium and magnesium, which makes the water hard. This has a negative effect on the plumbing system, will make your skin and hair dry and makes it difficult to form lather with soap. Travelers who spend a lot of time on the road, the

Best Satellite TV Antenna

The Winegard SK-1000 TRAV’LER Gray/Black DISH Multi-Satellite is our best satellite TV antenna and it has a multiple satellite function that allows you to receive programming similar to any home cable. As a matter of fact, all HD and SD programming for Bell TV and DISH are received and it also works great with recorders

Best Screen Room

The Coleman 10×10 Instant Screened Canopy is our best screen room and it has two large T shaped doors that have zippers to keep them closed whenever possible and you can set this up in around 1 minute or less or even take down the canopy just as easy. It gives you overall protection from

Best RV Toilet

You have finally made your dream come true and got yourself a recreational vehicle (RV) and are looking for ways to make it more comfortable and home-like. Add our top pick, the Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet to your RV, and you will not have to look for pit-stops at every corner. Nothing puts

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Comparing Supplemental Brake Systems

A supplemental brake system is a good idea when towing a car behind your motorhome. required depending on the weight of your dinghy. We compare options such as the US Gear Unified Tow Brake.

Steps Not Working

Question: Why will my steps not go up? Answer: The most obvious source of the problem is that you have inadvertently hit a switch that turns off the

5th Wheel Puller

Question: Do you need a dual-wheeled truck to pull a 13,000 lb. trailer? Answer: It’s not necessarily a matter of whether you need a dual-wheeled

12 Volt Thermostat Power

Question: I have a 1993 Fleetwood Prowler, 33ft camper trailer. I just replaced the rooftop unit and am ready to have air conditioning for the first

50 Amp for 30 Amp RV

Question: Can I run a 50 Amp service to my RV that has a 30 Amp cord and is it safe? Answer: The first thing to check is whether there is also a 30 Amp

Atwood AC

Question: Our Atwood RV air conditioner doesn’t turn on. It was working before I ran out of propane – so it seems to be a coincidence. Can it be related

Atwood RV Furnace

Question: I am troubleshooting a furnace problem with my Atwood Hydroflame RV furnace. I have changed the Thermocoupler, and the blower relay and I

Awning spring load has unraveled

Question: Winnebago Adventurer 2002. Awning is spring loaded and rolls itself up. The spring load has unraveled (my bad) and now I must hand roll it

Cable TV Jack Location

Question: I know…I SHOULD know. But somehow I missed the part about where to plug in the exterior cable TV cable on the outside of the trailer.


RV Comfort Systems firm has successfully engineered an electrical heating option. Now today’s RVer has a choice of propane or electricity to heat the interior

Clearance Lights

Question: My 2002 Fleetwood Expedition clearance lights won’t work. Does anyone know of some secret fuse or switch that I might not know about? Answer:

Dometic Air Conditioner

Question: I can’t figure out where the condensation drain is for a Dometic Model 57915.351 Air Conditioner. Can you help? Answer: We suspect the condensation

Electric Power for Tent

Question: I have to use a CPAP machine to help me breathe at night. I do not have an RV, but I do have a tent that goes into the bed of my truck.

Electric Stabilizer Jacks

Question: All four jacks quit working as soon as you put pressure on them and they won’t level the trailer. Any suggestions? Answer: We can offer

Exterior Body Lights

Question: I bought a new 2013 Coachman Freedom Express 246rks. We have been out camping a few times now and we notice a lot of other trailers exterior

Flagstaff Travel Trailer Awning

Question: How hard is it to let down the awning on a 2005 Flagstaff Travel Trailer? What are the steps I need to follow? Answer: There are a lot of

What Size Generator for RV

Question: What is the minimum size generator that I need to run my 26’trailer with air conditioning as well as the microwave or TV? Answer: We cannot

RV Heat Pump

Question>: I was reading your Winter Un-Wonderland page, and wanted to make a post about heating. I am looking into buying a heat pump with AC which

Holding Tank Sensors

Question: We have been full-timing in our Cyclone 3950 for almost two years and are pretty scrupulous about cleaning and flushing our tanks. We use a

Holding Tanks

Question: What do you suggest to use to clean your holding tanks and sensors? Answer: For flushing the tanks, we have never used anything other than

Portable Heaters for RV

Question: I want a heater for my RV so I can sleep in my RV in the winter months. Answer: What kind of heater to use in your RV really depends on

Portable Propane Gas Grill

Question: Can I hook up a portable propane gas grill to my existing RV propane tank? Answer: Yes you can. Many RVers do this and can be a do-it-yourself

RV Portable Stairs

Question: Where can I buy portable stairs? They have to be at least 33 inches high. Answer: We have not looked for portable stairs ourselves, so are

Propane Use

Question: We are planning a trip in Florida that will include boondocking. We have a 35 foot fifth wheel and will be leaving the AC running during the

Propane Water Heater

Question: I am living in my travel trailer full time. Should I turn off the hot water heater between uses or let it run? What uses more propane in the

Raising Beds in Toy Hauler

Question: How do I raise my garage beds to get enough clearance to haul a Rzr 4? They are on an electric chain rail system to go up and down. I need

Rear Living Room or Bunk House

Question: I have a traveling job. My wife and 6 and 8 year olds will be joining me full time starting in June. We are torn between rear living room

Rhino Lining for RV Roof

Question: I need to replace the roof on a 1999 Mountain Aire 38′ class A motorhome. I am looking at a Rhino lining and would like any information available.

RV Roof Rack

Question: I want to install a roof rack to carry a kayak on our 1979 Dodge Sportsman Class C Motorhome. I am having trouble finding one that fits and