RV Water System Explained

Caring for the RV Water System. About the city water fill, overfilling and sanitizing your fresh water.

The Best RV Vacuum

Question: I am looking for a good, but small vacuum for our new RV. Those I have looked at seem to have insufficient power suction. I would like

RV Plugged In But No Power

Question: My RV is plugged in to shoreline power but I have no electric inside of coach, or to the fridge or microwave. What can I do to fix this?

The Best RV Black Water Tank

Question: Should I put plumbing antifreeze in the septic tank (black water/toilet) along with the septic treatment? I’m going snow skiing for 3 days.

Short Term RV Storage

Question: What do I need to do to keep the freshwater system from getting nasty when we do not use the RV for a month or two during the warm months?

Slow Fuel Fill in RV

Question: It is taking 20 minutes to top off my fuel tank. I can only get a drizzle into the filler in my 2012 Coachmen Concord, E450 chassis. I think

RV Snow Chains

Question: I have a Class C motorhome and I am going from LA to Colorado. Do I need snow chains and where can I buy them? Answer: Local regulations

Store Propane Tank in Arizona Heat

Question: Where do you store your propane tank in the hot Arizona heat when you are not there? Answer: As far as we know, propane tanks are designed

Storing Dishes in an RV

Question: Do I need to remove dishes from cabinets before traveling? Answer: You will probably have to decide that for yourself, depending on your specific

Do You Need to Tie Down Your RV?

Question: I have a 35 foot fifth wheel. It is properly leveled on wooden blocks. Is it necessary for it to be tied down? The RV sits

RV Tire Pressure

Question: I just recently bought a Diesel Pusher. The recommended pressure on the tires is 110 PSI, but all the tires on RV are at 90 PSI. Should I

Tow Bar or Car Dolly

Question: What is the best and most cost-effective towing a car 4-wheels down or on a tow dolly or a trailer? Answer: The answer depends on many factors

Toy Hauler Floor

Question: I just bought a 2001 Sandpiper 33 ft. toy hauler fifth wheel. It is going to stay at a campground indefinitely. I need to know an idea for

Tripping Circuit Breaker

Question: I have a 2008 Carriage 5th wheel. One of the 110 breakers trips quite often and lately a 12-volt fuse keeps blowing BUT only when the trailer

Two fuel tanks, lots of confusion

Question: Our dinosaur 1978 motorhome has 2 fuel tanks. the larger one for the engine seems to pump into the smaller one sometimes. (There is a sudden

Unique US Map for your RV?

OK, this might be hard to explain, but here goes…Many years ago I saw a small brass (?) plaque of the United States that you could attach somewhere on

Type of Driver License Required

Question: What kind of license is required for a large Class A RV? And which states are the best to use as your residence for fulltimers? Answer: First

Washer Dryer combos vented

Question: Have you any recommendations for vented washer/dryer combos? Are any considered better than others etc? I need to get something soon but

VIN Number on Trailer

Question: Where can I find the registration number on my 28 ft. 1988 Prowler camper? Answer: If you are referring to the Vehicle Identification Number

RV Water Pump Leaking?

Question: We think the water pump in our travel trailer is leaking but we can seem to find out where the leak is coming from. Any ideas on how to find

RV Manuals

Question: Where do I light the furnace for a 1996 23lv series Prowler travel trailer? Also, where is the electrical power distribution center located?

RV Mileage

Question: My wife and I are planning on buying a Class C motorhome. I would like to know what is the maximum as far as total mileage that we should

Best RV Mat

Question: Any suggestions on a good outdoor carpet for our RV? Answer: Do an internet search for outdoor RV mats and you will get many results.

RV Overnight Parking

Question: I am thinking about purchasing a Class A RV and was wondering if it is possible to just pull over for a day or two without being in a campground.

RV Refrigerator Q&A

Question: Is is better to run the RV refrigerator during non-camping time if possible or just leave it off? Answer: Not knowing the specifics of your

Sewage Odor

Question: Everytime that we turn on the heating furnace, there is an awful sewage odor that comes through the vents. We have plenty of sewage treatment

Water Pump Questions

The water pump is used to pump water throughout the RV when not hooked up to city water.

Best Tote Tank

The Barker (11104) Tote Tank 22 Gallon is our best tote tank or portable waste transport in which when this tote tank is empty, it weighs only 16 lbs. Do know that this is a portable waste transport that has a tow bracket and also includes a 5 ft sewer hose. It also comes with