Fulltiming in UK

Fulltiming in UK

by Roy (Bexhill)

Question: I am just wondering if you could advise me please. I am thinking of selling my flat and purchasing a fifth wheel to go touring around this country (UK), and of course living in it full time. I’m 67, and reckon on 10 to 15 years of on the road traveling. Any pointers please??

Answer: We hope you will find many helpful pages on this website while pondering the fulltime RV lifestyle. Although there are likely some differences between fulltiming in the US and fulltiming in the UK, many considerations will be the same.

Some specific suggestions include the following pages:

About the Fulltime RV Lifestyle
Motorhome Living
RVer Jobs
RV Costs
Winter Un-Wonderland
Frequently Asked Questions
Our RV Life
Fulltimer Expenses
RV Books

Since you will be fulltiming in the UK, we also suggest you look into the following clubs and associations. They provide discounts on camping, advice and information relevant to the RV lifestyle in the UK.

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