New Product – ReVo Leveler

by Larry Karan

(Sarver Pa 16055)

A description of ReVo Leveler:

ReVo Leveler is an aftermarket product to be used on travel trailers, bumper pull and fifth wheel, that do not have the 4 or 6 point automated leveling system. ReVo Leveler will allow you to place your trailer on a campsite, press a button and it will tell you what board thickness is needed and which side of the trailer needs raised to be level left to right.

The board thickness displayed is within a tenth of an inch. No more guessing or trying to interpret a bubble level as to what board thickness to use. ReVo Leveler will also tell you when the trailer is in the correct position to disconnect from the tow vehicle and the distance you are from level front to back. That equates to the amount of jack travel you will need to extend before stacking boards under the tongue jack or pull the pin and let the mechanical jack drop to the ground on the 5th wheel landing jacks. A useful value especially when you are at an uphill campsite and will need to lower the trailer to reach level front to back. This occurs before disconnecting so if it’s a really bad number, you might want to relocate the trailer on the site or request a new site.

Trailer positions for level front to back and connect are confirmed by solid green arrows on the display. Raise or lower the trailer as indicated by the flashing arrows on the face until both arrows are solid green. Flashing arrows are visible from the drivers mirror so if you are using a ramp you’ll know when to stop when leveling left to right. ReVo Leveler includes a protective pouch, sun shield, back cover, battery charger adapter with cable, and a left and right hand nest for mounting. Only one nest is required per trailer.

You can buy the Revo Leveler on Amazon

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