Jacks Down on Parked RV

Question: We have a 2002 Fleetwood Exp. 36′. We wonder when parking your RV until the next use, is it recommended that you empty the air bladders and

Jayco Kitchen Pluming Schematic

Question: I need a schematic for the kitchen plumbing for a Jayco Eagle Class C. Our kitchen sink is leaking into the underbelly and we think that it

Leak in Front Panel Citation Camper

Question: While readying my camper for our first weekend trip, I found a damp mattress, etc. I believe that I have traced the problem to an improperly

How to Identify Leak in RV

Question: We have a 30 ft Four Winds and it was raining all day here in Florida. We noticed a leak but cannot find the source. It seems to be coming

Light to Prevent Circuit Tripping

Question: Could someone tell me why you would have to run a light in a travel trailer when you use a 110v device to keep the circuit from tripping?

Lighting Pilot

Question: I have a 1999 Prowler Fifth Wheel. I just installed a new regulator for my Attwood heater and I cannot get the pilot to light. The pilot

Lights in Bay Not Working

Question: I recently bought a 2000 Bounder motorhome. All is good except the lights in the storage bins don’t work. If there are separate fuses

Lights Not Working

Question: My bathroom and hall lights do not work in my 1998 Coachman Catalina. Answer: Here are some suggestions on how to diagnose the problem. First

RV LP Appliance Igniter

Question: Neither the water heater, furnace, nor refrigerator in my 1998 Country Coach Max Venture Class C, will work on gas. I don’t know about the

RV LP Gas Line Quick Release Fitting

Question: My Travel Trailer has a 1/2 gas line running underneath along the frame. There is a Tee with a short stub which is capped off near the rear.

RV Microwave Does Not Have Power

Question: I would like to know if the LP generator and battery can run the Microwave in my new Keystone Springdale which I just bought two days ago. When

Mold Allergy and Water Damage

Question: My daughter and I have several autoimmune conditions. We’ve been sick for over 5 years now. I had to quit my job and she is now home schooled.

RV Mold Removal Advice

Question: I have a ’94 Fleetwood Bounder 28′ but have mold that has to be removed. Please help as to how it’s done. There is mold on the ceiling, which

No Dash Lights

Question: I have a 2013 Georgetown RV. We have no dash lights, radio or clearance lights. What could be wrong? Answer: It sounds like a bad fuse.

No Hot Water in RV

Question: I have a very old 1988 ALFA 5th wheel RV and recently stopped having hot water. I use a gas line, but am not sure where to start looking

No Generator in Cold Weather

Question: I have a 1987 motor home with no generator. I am going to NJ where it is cold – how can I heat it at night when it’s parked in my brother’s

No Water at Kitchen Faucet

Question: What do you do when your water will not come out of the kitchen faucet? Answer We don’t know whether this is only an issue at the kitchen

No Water in Trailer

Question: What does it mean when there’s no water running any more from the trailer? Does that mean I need a water tank? And are they easy to install?

Odor from Kitchen Sink

Question: I have a 2013 27 ft Cougar 5th wheel. After stopping for the day, there is a sewer smell in the undersink area in the kitchen. I checked

Oven Doesn’t Come On

Question: I have a 99 Jayco Eagle travel trailer and the oven won’t come on. I get the pilot light on, but as soon as I engage the oven, the main burner

Pounding in Rear Jack

Question: I have noticed the recent onset of a pounding in the rear jack on my 05 Monaco Knight. The bolts on jack to frame look good. There doesn’t

Replace Dump Valves

Question: I have a Lakota 5th wheel SKT34 2001. The dump valves pull straight down. They are hard to reach and I cannot get enough pull on them to

Replacing a Motorhome Side Mirror

Question: Does anyone know how to replace a side motor home mirror? I broke the mounting post on the power passenger side mirror, but the mirrors are

Replacing Old Air Bags

Replacing Old Air Bags (No, the suspension type). Being the proud owner of The Ole Texas T (1990 Southwind), and priding myself in still being mobile

Replacing RV Gas Oven

Question: My RV oven is too small in my Fleetwood Cougar Fifth Wheel. Can I replace it with a larger one? Where would I buy one? Where would I get

Replacing Tub Faucet

Question: I have a 92 Pace Arrow and need to replace the tub faucet. Where is the access to be able to undo and replace it? Do I need to take the small

RV Drifts in the Lane

Question: I have a 30 foot class C that drifts back and forth in the lane , especially around 60 mph. It is worse when I am pulling my F-150 truck. I

RV Furnace problem

Question: Our 2005 Jayco Jayfeather has an Acorn furnace that is giving us fits. When running off the batteries: (2 deep cycle 6 volt – fully charged

RV goes into Limp Mode

Question: I have a 1992 Cobra Sonoma with a 4 cylinder Isuzu TURBO diesel . The Econo light comes on and flashes and the transmission gears down and goes

RV Renovations

About RV renovations, replace your kitchen booth, new mattress and more.

RV Repairs

Question: I do all of my own RV repairs and maintenance. I am getting ready to FullTime and wonder what it is going to be like finding a place to work

RV Plugged In But No Power

Question: My RV is plugged in to shoreline power but I have no electric inside of coach, or to the fridge or microwave. What can I do to fix this?

Slow Fuel Fill in RV

Question: It is taking 20 minutes to top off my fuel tank. I can only get a drizzle into the filler in my 2012 Coachmen Concord, E450 chassis. I think

Do You Need to Tie Down Your RV?

Question: I have a 35 foot fifth wheel. It is properly leveled on wooden blocks. Is it necessary for it to be tied down? The RV sits

RV Tire Pressure

Question: I just recently bought a Diesel Pusher. The recommended pressure on the tires is 110 PSI, but all the tires on RV are at 90 PSI. Should I

Tripping Circuit Breaker

Question: I have a 2008 Carriage 5th wheel. One of the 110 breakers trips quite often and lately a 12-volt fuse keeps blowing BUT only when the trailer

Two fuel tanks, lots of confusion

Question: Our dinosaur 1978 motorhome has 2 fuel tanks. the larger one for the engine seems to pump into the smaller one sometimes. (There is a sudden

RV Water Pump Leaking?

Question: We think the water pump in our travel trailer is leaking but we can seem to find out where the leak is coming from. Any ideas on how to find

RV Refrigerator Q&A

Question: Is is better to run the RV refrigerator during non-camping time if possible or just leave it off? Answer: Not knowing the specifics of your

Sewage Odor

Question: Everytime that we turn on the heating furnace, there is an awful sewage odor that comes through the vents. We have plenty of sewage treatment