Emergency Medical Flag

Emergency Medical Flag

When you have a medical emergency, every second counts, and every second feels like an hour. A faster response could save your life.

My name is Shirley Mendonca and I live in Modesto, Ca. Dave, my husband, and I travel a great deal in our motor home. We’ve been RVers for over 30 years and sometimes we have camped in some pretty isolated areas.

After having an unexpected open heart surgery, I became very concerned about the response time by the EMT’s in case of an emergency. I did a lot of research and couldn’t find any medical alert flags anywhere. So I made one.

After speaking with several people in the medical field, including EMT’s, I felt that people from all walks of life could benefit by having the Emergency Medical Flag.

I decided to make the flag available for $20.00 plus $9.00 for shipping and handling. It’s shipped in a handy reusable storage tube and includes a red LED signal light. The staff has a removable cap on the bottom so the flag can be slipped over antennas making it easier and faster to spot the emergency location.

For further information please contact me at: www.shirley123-lizard.com

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