RV Cleaning: Green Clean your RV

RV Cleaning: Green Clean your RV

Here are a few RV cleaning tips from Mary Moppins. Mary has been in the cleaning business for years, and works closely with RV manufacturers for her RV applications.

1. WASH YOUR RV or MOTORHOME in the morning or evening to avoid water spots. Always wash your RV with earth friendly cleaners like our EPA Certified CleanEz, which quickly removes dirt, grease and oil from your RV. Its gentle nature is easy on your finish and even easier on Mother Earth since it contains no toxic phosphates found in most cleaners.

Mary Moppins Cleaning System

Wash using ½ cap of CleanEz and ½ cup food grade distilled white vinegar per bucket of water. Vinegar is an excellent cleaner and it’s a mild acid so it neutralizes the alkali in the water to help prevent water spots. Tackle the roof first scrubbing the gaskets around vents and fans with a stiff bristled toothbrush. Next wash and dry the sides in sections.

Mary Moppins Cleaning System


Wash your RV or motorhome without leaving swirl marks by using a soft cotton wash pad or even softer Lambswool pad. We carry both a 100% Cotton Wash Pad and our exclusive 100% Lambswool Wash Pad. Each cleans safely without scratching like some brushes. Paint companies and fiberglass manufacturers recommend cotton for an RV manufactured prior to 2003.

The Lambswool Wash Pad is best used with newer paints and sealants. Do not mistake 100% Lambswool pads with imitations. Imitation Lambswool is made from 100% polyester, which is plastic. Plastic scratches. Given time it will scratch the finish off your RV or vehicle.

Both the Sof Wash and the Lambswool Wash attach to our swivel pad holder, which attaches to our fiberglass extension handle or any ACME threaded handle. Thin enough to clean under ladders and awning bars, it swivels to get under, over and around curves to keep you off the ladders while you wash your RV.


Look Ma, no ladders. To dry an RV fast enough to prevent water spots means leaving the ladders behind. Start with our EZE Squeegee, which works like a window squeegee only it won’t gouge the sides with metal channels.

Then finish with a towel over our patented Cleaning Head. Ever wish you had a holding device so your towels won’t fall on the ground? Mary’s Cleaning Head comes to the rescue.

Velcro-type hook fasteners grab the loops in a terry towel to hold it firmly in place to dry your RV. Use it to clean awnings, mop floors, remove morning dew, apply CleanEz to get rid of black streaks … or combined with our Angle Adapter clean your satellite dome and clean the top of the pull outs.

Don’t use just any terry towel to dry your RV, grab one of our bamboo and cotton blend terry towels.

Mary Moppins Cleaning System

These ultra soft, super absorbent eco-friendly towels hold more water than the trunk of an elephant. You will love the shine.
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This article excerpt re-printed with permission of Mary Findley with full credit to her website at www.goclean.com.

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